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Why Hire Us To Manage Your Rental Property

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Property management in Reno, NV is our specialty and we are here to help you!

We are committed to helping you realize your investment objectives. We are here to help you enhance your rental income and raise the future market value of your Reno property.

We know that owning a rental property is a strategic way to build long-term wealth. That said, being a landlord isn’t for everyone. It requires a lot of time and patience to deal with the property and its tenants.

Here are a few common situations that you would face if you were to manage the property yourself:

  • Dealing with someone who is angry or just generally difficult
  • Overzealous maintenance requests
  • Tenants disturbing or getting in fights with the neighbors
  • Habitual late payment of rent
  • Getting sued by your tenant
  • Tenants damaging your unit
  • Domestic disputes

Are you a hands-on property owner who likes doing things on your own?

If so, you are good to go. But if you answered ‘no’, then it’d be in your best interest to outsource the property management to someone else.

Below are 10 good reasons why you should hire Advanced Asset Management, Inc. to manage and maximize the potential of your Reno, Nevada rental property.

1. Determine your rental prices.

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One of the many roles of a property manager and landlord is setting the right rent amount for an investment property.

The right rent price attracts the right tenants and leads to profits.

Sadly, not many property owners understand how rental prices are determined.

This results in either overcharging or undercharging tenants;

  • Overcharging tenants can result in increased vacancy rates.
  • Undercharging tenants can mean leaving money on the table.

At Advanced Asset Management, Inc., we use a variety of techniques and strategies to accurately determine competitive rental prices.

2. Market your rental property.

Needless to say, a vacant property is every landlord’s worst nightmare. It means that there is no income at the end of the month.

To avoid this, we use our business experience and powerful advertising mechanisms to effectively market your property.

Our strategy ensures that you get the right tenants to your property as soon as possible.

3. Screen tenants effectively.

The horror stories of bad tenants are endless.

From renters refusing to pay or leave to tenants stealing copper pipes, the wrong tenant can make or break an investment property.

Screening tenants is an important part of the renting process. Failure to screen tenants almost always ends up in an eviction.

Our vast experience in screening tenants helps us to assure you of qualified and responsible tenants for your Reno, Nevada rental property.

4. Monthly rent payments collection.

Collecting rent is the lifeblood of any rental business.

Without the rents coming in, expenses like property taxes, mortgage payments, and insurance will become an increasing burden.

As you probably know, following up on rental payments can sometimes be stressful and tiresome.

Working with Advanced Asset Management saves you the inconvenience that comes with rent collection.

Our rent collection methods are accessible and simple to use with a range of payment timescales available to suit your tenants’ needs.

5. Manage tenant relationships.

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Cultivating a positive relationship with your tenant during the active lease period helps assure several things, including:

  • Trust building.
  • Increased interest to renew the lease.
  • Positive referrals.

We understand that maintaining a good landlord-tenant relationship is one of the keys to a successful rental business.

With our professional experience managing tenants in Reno, NV, we’ll ensure that your tenants won’t have any reason to be unhappy.

6. Solid partnerships with vendors.

Vendors include repairmen, roofers, painters, and landscapers.

We have a list of vendors who we trust and have worked with in the past.

All of our vendors are qualified, reliable and trustworthy suppliers.

Since our orders are in bulk, we are able to get amazing discounts and pass the savings on to you.

7. Compliance with laws.

Nevada is governed by many landlord-tenant laws. Understanding these laws is important to a successful rental business.

If you don’t know anything about these laws, don’t worry. We have you covered.

Our team keeps an eye on any developments that might affect your property.

8. Manage your rental property in your absence.

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We’ll ensure that your property is professionally and competently managed and cared for in your absence. And, even most importantly, we will keep you constantly informed of its progress.

At Advanced Asset Management, we provide you with the convenience of managing your property for you even if you don’t reside in Reno.

We have extensive experience in the local real estate market that enables us to offer our global clients the best advice regarding the industry.

9. More time for yourself.

How much time does it take to be your own landlord?

Could you be making better use of your time elsewhere?

Managing a property or multiple properties takes time and can be stressful – there is no denying it.

Advanced Asset Management allows you to relax while we manage your properties and worries for you.

We’ll find and screen tenants for your rentals, collect rent, do repairs and maintenance tasks, find vendors and more. So you can concentrate on your other priorities.

10. Push your Reno investment further.

We offer a guarantee of no hidden fees.

Companies that have hidden fees make it extremely difficult for clients to choose who to use. We make it very easy – by not having any!

Our property management fees are fair and very competitive.

We charge a flat percentage fee. Although our fees are low compared to the market, our service is premium and industry leading.

Are you looking for a professional property management company?

If so, we are here to help. We have the expertise, experience, and resources to help make sure that your rental property business is successful.

Call us today at (775) 688-4600 and see how we can help you grow and manage your investment!