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After screening tenants, the best way to protect your rental property is by conducting regular repairs and maintenance.

Property repairs and maintenance are an essential part of managing a rental property. As the owner of the property, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the property is always in tiptop shape.

If you hire us, we’ll regularly inspect your property on your behalf to ensure it’s always in a superb condition at all times. Regular inspections help discover and address problems early on. This helps prevent major repair issues as well as keep repair costs in check.

From our vast experience managing properties, we have come to the realization that regular property maintenance is the key to success in the long-term.

When you decide to work with us, the first thing we do is inspect the property. If repairs are needed, we then lay down a plan on how to go about fixing them. Usually, this is based on time, cost, and urgency.

We also keep your budget in mind when carrying out the repairs and maintenance.

Our property inspections check appliances, plumbing, electrical systems, roofs, landscapes, windows, as well as heating and air conditioning systems.

Why hire us to manage your rental property?

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If you hire us, you stand to benefit in the following ways.

1. Avoid costly repairs down the road.

Regular repairs and maintenance help ensure that problems are nipped early before they become serious and costly. Besides, overlooking repairs could get you into trouble with local Reno authorities. Remember, as a landlord, you must adhere to all housing and health codes.

2. Reduce tenant turnover.

Tenant turnover can be costly to both your time and your bottom line. That’s why keeping tenants happy by regularly repairing and maintaining their property is important.

Happy tenants mean that they are more likely to renew their leases, ensuring that you continue to make profits. In addition, a well-maintained property also encourages tenants to care for it.

3. Ensure your property is rent-ready at all times.

Having a rent-ready property will help you rent it out faster to a great tenant.

4. Help discover defects in good time.

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Regular property maintenance helps to prevent larger, more expensive repairs in the future and saves you time and money. Failing to fix a minor plumbing leak, for example, could eventually lead to significant water damage.

5. Reduce the waiting time to access crucial services.

Hiring Advanced Asset Management, Inc. gives you access to many qualified contractors. Such contractors include carpenters, landscapers, electricians and plumbers among others.

In addition, you won’t need to wait long to access their crucial services thanks to the professional relationship we have built with them.

6. Compliance with Nevada regulations.

As a property owner, the law requires you to provide a healthy living environment for your residents. If you use us, we’ll ensure your property meets all habitability laws. We will make sure that you are compliant with Nevada regulations regarding property maintenance and emergency preparedness.

We work with the best and the most reputable contractors in Reno, NV. Due to the number of orders we usually have, we enjoy competitive rates which we’ll be happy to pass on to you.

Looking for a good property management firm to manage your investment property?

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