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Advanced Asset Management, Inc. offers best-in-class residential property management services to investors and homeowners.

Our services are geared to provide owners their peace of mind by having professionals taking care of their properties.

When you hire us, we’ll make sure your property is leased in the least possible time. Our strategies and proven marketing tools help make this possible.

In addition, we’ll make sure your Reno property is occupied by the most qualified tenant. That is, a tenant who cares for the property communicates maintenance issues on time, and above everything else, pays their rent on time.

Our strategy focusses on three things: client satisfaction, and cost and time-effectiveness.

The result?

Significantly reduced tenant turnover.

Below are the main reasons why property owners choose us to manage their properties.

Property Inspection

Before beginning the leasing process, we first conduct a detailed inspection of your property. The inspection helps us evaluate the condition of your property and check whether there is a need for repairs before being occupied.
If no repairs are required, then we will proceed with the next steps. If there are, our get our qualified experts are available to fix them.

Property Marketing

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Once we confirm the property meets habitability standards, the next thing we’ll do is to begin marketing your property.

Our goal in this regard is to come up with a personalized rental ad that can help fill your vacancy quickly. Different properties have different unique qualities and need different marketing strategies.

Photos are the first thing a prospective tenant sees when browsing through homes or apartments for rent. As such, our team focusses on taking high-quality photos that highlight your property’s best features.

Finally, we will write a rental ad that is easily accessible, enticing and illustrative of everything your rental space offers. We also ensure that it adheres to Nevada Fair Housing Rules.

Rental Listing Sites

The key to increasing the chances of landing a great tenant is by ensuring your rental ad reaches a wider tenant pool. That’s why we also use popular rental listing sites like and

To improve efficiency, we use a digitized system to help handle all inquiries from prospective tenants.

Tenant Screening

All prospective tenants must undergo a thorough screening procedure before being approved.

The screening process helps ensure we get tenants who are creditworthy, clean, respectful, honest, responsible, and who pay their rent on time.

Rent Amount

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As you know, charging the right rent amount is the key to a successful rental business. The right rent amount will attract the right renter. We use various tools to come up with a unit’s rent amount.

Setting the right price is critical to your success (like many other things). Don’t make one of the common rental owner mistakes that will hurt your returns.

If you’d like insight into what you could charge, give us a call.

If you’d like to do it yourself, the comparative market analysis or CMA is one such tool that could help.

It looks at the average market rate and comes up with the most competitive one. We will perform this analysis to get you the best rental price for your property. This also ensures that we get you the most qualified tenants.

Looking for a qualified property manager?

Look no further. Advanced Asset Management, Inc. is here to help.

Give us a call at 775 688-4600