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8 Tips for Buying an Investment Property in Reno, Nevada


Any experienced real estate investor will tell you that knowledge is the key to sound investments.

While it’s true that real estate has made many people rich, success is not guaranteed to those who go into it blindly.

To get your investment journey started on the right foot, here are a few solid tips for buying investment properties in Reno, Nevada: (more…)

Key Terms to Include in Your Reno Lease/Rental Agreement


As a landlord, your lease or rental agreement is one of the most crucial documents. It sets forth both you and your tenant’s rights and obligations.

Having a carefully drafted lease or rental agreement is therefore key. It’ll help prevent issues that may arise during the course of the tenancy. From rent-related issues to property damage – and plenty more.

This article covers some of the most vital terms you should include when drafting your Reno, NV rental agreement. (more…)

Overview of the Landlord-Tenant Laws in Reno, Nevada


Conflicts between landlords and tenants can sometimes erupt into contentious and complicated legal problems. Thankfully, every state has its own set of rental laws that help minimize these conflicts.

Like all states, Nevada has its own laws governing the landlord-tenant relationship. As a landlord in Reno, Nevada, knowing these laws is key to a successful rental property business.

Among other things, they can help you deal with many legal questions without needing a lawyer. Read on for an overview of the landlord-tenant laws in Nevada. (more…)

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